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Universal WebAPI is a set of tools and utilities for usage within Universal APP Projects.
With UWAPI you can authenticate your APP users with any WebAPI Project you want.
Our WebAPI Extensions, extends the basic functionality of a WebAPI...or Identity 2.0, by a couple of things.
UWAPI can be used for new Applications or installed into existing sites.
  • Core Features
    • Wrapper functionality for HTTP Verbs (Post, Get, Delete, etc. )
  • Wrapper for Authentication
    • Includes Registration
    • Login / Logout via Tokens
    • Refresh Tokens
    • User Info functionality
    • Change/Set Passwords
    • Get User Roles / Groups
  • WebAPI Extensions
    • Extend Identity 2.0 by Groups of Roles
    • Extend Identity 2.0 Token mechanism with Refresh Tokens
    • Extend Identity 2.0 Token mechanism to include user role details.

How to Authenticate
Using Roles
WebAPI Extensions
Refresh Tokens

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